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The SGB Kids Association mission is quite simple: Put smiles on kids' faces. Critical to this mission is your support and the funds you help provide for the purchase of specialized medical equipment and basic educational tools for children in need in our community.

Your contribution helps to ensure the Montreal Children's Hospital can continue to provide world-class care for sick children in our city and around the world. It helps us fulfill our mission. Smiles.

The SGB Kids Association was founded in 2003 on the desire to help children in Montreal's southwest borough (Ville Emard). Following in the footsteps of the parish's patron saint, San Giovanni Bosco, the Association has expanded its outreach in support of kids throughout the city and beyond.

The SGB Kids Association has developed strong relationships with corporations, the community and friends over the years, without whose support none of these activities are possible. Our history is our future!

our story
I know we can count on you to support us in our mission. Thanks to you, we can keep kids in school and more importantly, help them grow into successful individuals, in all spheres of their lives…
Mary-Lyne Brunet | Director of Je Passe Partout
team SGB Kids
our committee and members come by their roles naturally They have strong ties to the community going back generations, and are passionate in their support of any kid needing a helping hand. Each one of our members are volunteers and are committed to putting "Smiles" on kids faces.

Chairman & President Antonio Musano
1st Vice President Luigi Verrucci
2nd Vice President David Baldoni
3rd Vice President Antonino Sciotto
Vice President Communications Anthony Cardone
Secretary Antonio Vescio
Treasurer Denis Labattaglia

Members Philip Amalfi, Fernando Caluori, Denise Chouinard, Frank Marcheggiani, Caroline McFarland, Vincent Occhionero, Mike Piperni, David Raymond, Joseph Santaguida

Emeritus Members Peter Amalfi, John DeRosa, Carmine Mancuso
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